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At PATAGONIA PONCHO we want to make sure your stay is exceptional and memorable, by offering you a wide range of outdoor activities such as horse riding or trekking around the ranch and of course, hunting and fly fishing as the main ones

patagonia poncho

The mountain range area of Neuquén  Province, located in Northern Patagonia Argentina, is a vast territory which hosts many valuable trophies for sporting hunters all over the world. Red Stag is hunted from March thru May, being mid March to mid April the peak of the roaring season. An area of wilderness and outstanding scenery gives hunters the opportunity to spot and attempt to stalk the stag, in deep contact with Patagonia’s nature.
Lands without borders allow red stag to roam through forests, river valleys and foothill plateaus, thus becoming the ideal context for many hunters who hope to achieve remarkable results and enjoy a memorable experience. The expert eye and deep knowledge of the surroundings make local guides the ideal companions through this changing land, which will undoubtedly be best discovered with their advice and hospitality
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We have the advantage of being surrounded by many of the regions best rivers, lakes and streams. 

Patagonia Poncho offers anglers some of the world's best fly fishing, and some of the most beautiful landscapes in which to do so. 

You will enjoy  quiet lakes and streams to whitewater  rivers. 


Tony, United States

“Stags were roaring all around us. I saw multiple red stags every day. The shots opportunities were generally not close. Expect to shoot around 200 meters but that is expected in big country. The food was great, the accommodations were wonderful. The lodge borders a river with beautiful views around every corner. The family and staff was the best part about the ranch. Everyone at Poncho Patagonia made you feel at home. They genuinely care about your time with them on the ranch. I don’t think I could have picked a better group of people to be around while hunting in the mountains."
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